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Grade: 12th pass
While walking on ice, one should take small steps to avoid slipping. This is because smaller steps ensure 
one year ago

Answers : (4)

Saurabh Koranglekar
askIITians Faculty
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one year ago
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While walking on ice, one should take smaller steps because the smaller the steps are, the smaller, the backward and forward forces, which prevents you, to fall or slip or we can say that itprovodeslarger friction.
one year ago
aswanth nayak
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Dear student

normal reaction is increased due to small steps.


because the reaction which man exert in the floor keep him moving.



11 months ago
Mahesh Koilada
22 Points
Phenomenon of slipping while walking on ice
  1. Why ice is slippery? Ice is not slippery. Rather the water layer formed (due to rubbing action of our feet) over ice surface makes it slippery
  2.  Why water layer is slippery? water-ice combination will have very less viscous effect which makes it easy to move and more slippage
Why small steps? Now to understand this better, we have to look at the phenomenon of walking. While walking we actually try drag our feet so that we can move forward. In this process we actually generate lots off friction between the floor and our feet. So, as we discussed above about the phenomenon of slipping, to minimize the slipping on ice we need to minimize the water formation below our feet. To minimize water formation, we need to drag our feet less. And to drag our feet less, we need to take small steps. In other words, we need to take small steps.
Hence what we are doing by taking small steps to avoid slip on ice? we are ensuring the smaller drag that is smaller friction.
2 months ago
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