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Which has more moment of Inertia? A Raw egg or a boiled egg? Why? 
one year ago

Answers : (5)

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Boiled egg rolls slower than a raw egg, because it has a higher moment of inertia than a raw egg
Arun (askIITiaaskIITians forum expert)
one year ago
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Actually raw egg has higher moment of inertia. It's due to its distribution of mass. Boiled egg rotates slower as it loses kinetic energy due to more amount of mass need to rotated but for raw egg more amount of mass is concentrated at centre leaving less mass at surface. 
I got after some time. Your answer is wrong (Arum) 
one year ago
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Boiled egg rolls slower than a raw egg because the albumen and yolk is solidified but in the case of raw egg, the albumen and yolk is not solidified,and due to this, the liquid albumen is pushed forward. The boiled egg shows inertia as single as both are solid. The raw egg has the liquid albumen's inertia and the shell's inertia .Therefore raw egg has more inertia
one year ago
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the raw egg has less mass and than that of  boiled the boiled egg has less inertia than that hat of raw egg.
one year ago
Sara K J
13 Points
The problem can be reduced to a comparison between two objects; one is a solid sphere of density P encased by a shell of mass M (boiled egg), while the other is a shell of mass M filled with an ideal fluid of density P (raw egg). Since the fluid is ideal, it is non-viscous and will not rotate and can thus be ignored. Thus the solid sphere (boiled egg) has greater I.
Rayon and CHANDAN N yadav are wrong.
7 months ago
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