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Grade: 11
what is relation between height h and depth d for the change in g
one year ago

Answers : (1)

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At a height of h from the surface of the earth, the gravitational force on an object of mass m is

F = GMm/(R+h)^2

Here (R + h) is the distance between the object and the centre of earth.

Say at that height h, the gravitational acceleration is g1.

So we can write, mg1 = GMm / (R+h)^2

=> g1 = GM/(R+h)^2 _________________ (5)

Now we know on the surface of earth, it is 
g =  GM / R^2

Taking ratio of these 2,

g1/g = R^2 /(R+h)^2

= 1/(1 + h/R)^2 = (1 + h/R)^(-2) = (1 – 2h/R)

=> g1/g = (1 – 2h/R)

=> g1 = g (1 – 2h/R) ___________________ (6)

So as altitude h increases, the value of acceleration due to gravity falls.

one year ago
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