What is a reasonable estimate for the maximum number of objects a juggler can juggle with two hands if the height to which the objects are tossed above the hands is h?

What  is  a reasonable   estimate   for  the  maximum   number   of objects  a juggler   can juggle   with  two  hands  if  the  height  to which  the objects  are tossed  above the hands  is h?


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Jitender Pal
askIITians Faculty 365 Points
8 years ago
Given that the object rises to height h above the hands, the time t can be calculated using equation (1) as:
Where g is the free fall acceleration 9.81 m /s2.
The time (t’) for which the ball stays in the air is given by multiplying time t by 2, that is:235-2386_31.PNG

If the number of objects tossed per second by each hand is n then the number of objects (n’) tossed by both the hands in time t’ is:

Therefore one can see that the number of objects than can be tossed by both the hands depends on the height h and the number of rate at which the object can be tossed.

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