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Grade: 9
Two cylinders of same cross section and length L, but made of two materials of densities dand dare cemented together to form a cylinder of length 2L. If the combination floats in water with a length L/2 above the surface of water and d2, then:
  1. d1>1 gcm-3
  2. d1>3/2 gcm-3
  3. d1-3
  4. d1-3
​Which of the above is correct??? please help me.
2 years ago

Answers : (2)

Vikas TU
7024 Points
If the density d1 is greater than d2 then the submerged cylinder would be d1 density material and d1 would be also greater than the density of the liquid. 
Because the more density material would be submerged in the less density material.
This is the Reason.
2 years ago
Abishai M
30 Points
							d1 may not necessarily be greater than density of water . The mg acting due to the material of density d2 keeps the d1 material under water. Also , if we draw free body diagram for d1 body,then by applying Archimedes principle we get d1= m1/(m1+m2) which is less than 1
2 years ago
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