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Grade: 12th pass
        Two blocks A and B of mass 6kg and
3kg respectively are placed on a
smooth surface of an
elevator in such a way that B is
placed above A.The coefficient of
friction between the two
blocks is 1/4 and the elevator is
ascending up with acceleration
g/3.A horizontal force 10N
is applied on A. Find the
accelerations of the blocks w.r.t. the
6 years ago

Answers : (1)

Arpit Kumar
31 Points
							Since,the elevator is acc upwards the value of normal will change.
This is the normal force between the blocks.
Now check wether the blocks will slip or not.
The common acc between the two blocks is 10/3+6=10/9m/s2
Force required by B to move with common acc in horizontal direction=3*10/9=10/3N
Limiting friction=coefficient of friction*normal reaction=1/4*39.2=9.8N
Since,9.8 is greater than 10/3,the blocks will not slip.
So, the common acc of the blocks with respect to the elevator will be equal to10/9m/s2 Along the x-axis
6 years ago
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