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Grade: 9
Three identical rods each of mass 'm' and length 'l' form an equilateral triangle moment of inertia about one of the side is ?
one year ago

Answers : (4)

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It is 2ml^2/3
as about axis of rotation moment of inertia would be 0
moment of inertia of rod about axis is ml^2/3
therefore moment of inertia of triangle will be (about one of the side)
one year ago
Ass satwik
12 Points
How ml^2/3?
one year ago
Ritika Chitlangia
15 Points
it is ml2/2
I = (ML2sin260*)/3 + (ML2sin260*)/3
I = ML2/2
one year ago
Abhinav Srivastava
13 Points
As one of the rod acts as axis so moment of inertia about other 2 rods have to be calculated,
Two rods each of mass m could be substituted for one rod of mass 2m but of length √3l/2 and then moment of inertia can be calculated as for a uniform rod rotated from one end; 
2m×(√3l/2)^2÷3 = ml^2/2
8 months ago
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