The Zero Gravity Research Facility at the NASA Lewis Re- search Center includes a 145-m drop tower. This is an evacuated vertical tower through which, among other possibilities, a 1-m-diameter sphere containing an experimental package can be dropped. (a) For how long is the experimental package in free fall? (b) What is its speed at the bottom of the tower? (c) At the bottom of the tower, the sphere experiences an average acceleration of 25g as its speed is reduced to zero. Through what distance does it travel in coming to rest?

The  Zero  Gravity  Research   Facility   at the  NASA  Lewis  Re- search  Center  includes  a 145-m  drop  tower. This  is an evacuated  vertical   tower  through  which,  among  other  possibilities, a  1-m-diameter    sphere   containing   an  experimental    package can be dropped.  (a) For how long  is the experimental   package in free  fall?  (b)  What  is its speed  at the bottom  of the tower? (c) At the bottom  of the tower,  the sphere  experiences   an average   acceleration    of  25g   as  its   speed   is   reduced   to  zero. Through  what distance  does  it travel in coming  to rest?


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