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ujjawal pandey Grade: 9
        The human heart forces 4500 cc of blood per min through the arteries under a pressure of 15 cm of hg.calculate the hp of the heart. Take 1 hp=746 w and g =980 cm/second square.
one year ago

Answers : (2)

Himalaya Nirjhar Datta
36 Points
										I think few data is missing.Like it is pumping up or down etc. More over densities are also not given. Power is work/timeWork is force/displacement.Displacement is actually 0 in a cycle.Hence work is 0.So, power is also 0 Watt= 0 HP
one year ago
11 Points
										First we need to convert 15 cm of Hg into Si unts . 15cm of Hg =19998.36 kg/ms^2Then convert volume of flow in Si 4500cm^3/min = 0.000075m^3/secUse the formula Power =PRESSURE ×VOL. OF FLOW PER SECP=(19998.36 × .000075) = 1.5WCONVERT INTO HPPOWER =( 1.5/746)= 20 × 10^-4 HP (APPROX.
2 months ago
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