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Grade: 12
The elevator E has a mass of 3000kg when fully loaded and is connected as shown to a counterweight W of mass 1000kg. Determine the power in kilowatts delivered by the motor
(a)when the elevator is moving down at a constant speed of 3m/s
(b)when it has an upward velocity of 3m/s and a deacceleration of 0.5m/s^2
Answers:   (a) -30kw  (b) 19.5kw
4 months ago

Answers : (2)

Vikas TU
9762 Points
Dear student 
Draw free body diagram on w 
T = 1000+F 
Draw FBD on E , 
2T = 30000
20000+2T =30000
2T = 10000
T =5000
Draw FBD on Motor 
P = 5000*Vc 
2Xe =Xc 
2Ve = Vc 
Vc = -6
P = -6*5000 = -30000KW /1000
Hope this heps 
4 months ago
Shakshi ravi
14 Points
Thanku...I also done 1st part but what about 2nd part. I tried my best in solving 2nd part but my anser is not coming same as written in book. So please try to solve the 2nd part.....thanku
4 months ago
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