Suppose that you were called upon to give some advice to a lawyer concerning the physics involved in one of her cases The question is whether a driver was exceeding a 30-mi/h speed limit before he made an emergency stop, brakes locked and wheels sliding. The length of skid marks on the road was 19.2 ft. The police officer made the assumption that the maxi mum deceleration of the car would not exceed the acceleration of a freely falling body (= 32 ft/s 2 ) and did not give the driver a ticket. Was the driver speeding? Explain.

Suppose  that  you  were  called  upon  to give  some  advice  to a lawyer  concerning   the  physics  involved   in  one  of her  cases The  question   is  whether   a  driver  was  exceeding   a  30-mi/h speed  limit  before  he made  an emergency   stop, brakes  locked and wheels  sliding.  The  length  of skid  marks  on the road  was 19.2 ft. The police  officer made  the assumption   that the maxi mum  deceleration   of  the  car  would  not  exceed  the  acceleration  of a freely  falling  body  (= 32 ft/s2)  and did not  give the driver  a ticket.  Was the driver  speeding?  Explain.


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Jitender Pal
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