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steel is more elastic than rubber.Explain what this mean

steel is more elastic than rubber.Explain what this mean

Grade:12th pass

2 Answers

askIITians Faculty 387 Points
6 years ago
because a body is said to be more elastic depending upon how fast it gains its original shape after removal of external(deforming)force. when a force is applied on steel it is deformed but it immediately regains its original shape within a fraction of seconds which is not in the case of rubber
69 Points
6 years ago
Elasticity can be understood  as the property possessed by a material to restore its mechanical properties on removal external elongating or deforming force. For instance, a rubber band can be extended by pulling it with ease. On the contrary, elongating a steel wire significantly requires a large force. This rather means that steel restores to its original mechanical state better than a rubber band. Therefore, to hold a huge weight, steel or metal ropes are used than rubber bands. An immediate instance would be the modern bridges.

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