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Grade: 12
Somebody please find the relationship between v1 and v2 using constraint relation in string assuming the wedge shifts X distance towards left.
I'm confused, its answer is v1=v2.and i'm getting 
X-Xcostheta-Xcostheta-y=0, where y is the distance moved by block wrt wedge and
Where v2 is the velociety of block wrt wedge
one year ago

Answers : (1)

Tejal Kumari
28 Points
If displacement of wedge to left = x
The pulley moves to to the left by distance x
l1 changes to l1+x
Since the total length of the pulley has to remain constant, l2 should decrease by x.
Intial length= l1+l2
Final length=(l1+x)+(l2-x).  Therefore, both equal
Relative displacement of block=x
Differentiate wrt t and you get v1= v2
one year ago
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