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Sir/Madam Please tell me how to prepare for BITSAT-2016 from now I am studying +2 in state board of Telangana

Please tell me how to prepare for BITSAT-2016 from now I am studying +2 in state board of Telangana


1 Answers

Saurabh Kumar
askIITians Faculty 2411 Points
6 years ago
BITS Pilani is considered as one of the best colleges in India for Science and Technology. While you will find BITS below IITs in Every ranking, there are some USP's of BITS, which sets it apart.
1. No Reservation. - The Admissions to BITS Pilani are made Purely on Merit.
2. Dual Degree Combination - BITS is the ONLY college in India, that gives you a dual degree in Bachelor of Engineering & Master of Science in 5 years. That means, after 5 years, not only do you have the option of landing a Job in prestigious engineering companies, but also to go for Research in Pure Sciences.
3. Zero Attendance - At BITS, you can skip as many classes as you want. Because there is no Rule for attendance.
and many more..

But admission to BITS is not that easy. BITS has got a selection rate of only 1.71 % which is even lower than IITs now... And to get Pilani Campus, you need a BITSAT Score of above 300 to ensure a seat.

Some info about BITSAT -
1. It is a Computer Based Online Test.
2. Eligibilty -minimum of aggregate 75% marks in PCM in 12th with at least 60% marks in each of the Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
3. BITSAT is offered over a period of time and the candidate can choose the Center, the Day and Time of his/her convenience to take the test.
4. The paper has 150 questions - 45 in Maths, 40 each in Physics and Chemistry, 15 in English Proficiency and 10 of Logical Reasoning.
On attempting all 150 questions, you get 12 bonus questions.

So with this thread, Our aim is to help you get a score above 300 in BITSAT.

To score 300+ here are few tips, which you should follow

1. Prepare only from the BITSAT syllabus as given in the brochure. You can find the Brochure on the Website - BITS Admissions
Since there are many topics asked in BITSAT, which are not asked in IIT-JEE and you might not want to miss those easy scoring sections.

2. Try to revise all the topics you are good at. You should remember all the formulae by heart. Because in BITSAT, speed matters a lot.

3. Try to spend at least one hour everyday from now on to read the topics which you haven't studied till now.

4. Make a list of all the chemical reactions in chemistry which you feel are important especially Organic Chemistry.

5. Mathematics needs a lot practice. Compared to Physics and Chemistry it is more mechanical than logical i.e. you don't need to use your brain... only your time in solving the it is important to have good speed in solving the problems.

6. To score above 300, you need to attempt 100 (out of 150) questions correctly. Considering the negative marks you may should attempt at least 120 questions, to be on a safe side.
To surely get CS at Pilani Campus, you need to get around 360 marks. Which means atleast 120 correct answers. So you must work on your accuracy.

7. A common strategy is to attempt 20 questions in English and logical reasoning... 35 in Chemistry...35 in Maths and 30 in physics.....

8. Always start your paper with the subject that you are good at (out of PCM), followed by English and Logical Reasoning, followed by the other two... This commonly applied strategy is very effective.

9. Don't spend more than 1 min on any question in the first 1 and half or 2 hours.. Keep your clock aside and leave any question after a maximum time of one minute.

10. Practice as many online tests as possible. There are Mock tests by Arihant, MTG, etc. Because you need to practice sitting 3 hours non stop on a computer.

11. I think out of 180 minutes, time division between different sections would be -> 30 min - Chemistry, 20 Min - English and Logical Reasoning, 40 - Physics, 70 - Maths. 20 Minutes Spare for revision or attempting extra questions.

12. Don't be greedy to attempt the 12 bonus questions. Because attempting the questions you don't know will lead to huge negative marking.

Hope this Helps you. Please revert back if you have any queries or Need any help.

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