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Grade: 11


Refer to the figure. All the surfaces are frictionless. The strings are massless and inextensible. The ratio of tensions T1 and T2 is: a)1 : 5 , b) 5 : 1, c) 1 : 1, d) 6 : 1 (answer), e)1 : 6 How do you get this answer? Thanks!

4 years ago

Answers : (4)

Soham Chowdhury
26 Points
							The applied force is not mentioned...we cant solve without it...there is a short cut method for this type of problems....I cant use it unless u give the numerical value of the force which is acting at an angle of 37degree with the horizontal.....
4 years ago
Grace Mathew
10 Points
But the force was not given with the question. There was no numerical value, just ‘F’. I’d be happy if you gave me the shortcut, though.
4 years ago
Raman Mishra
67 Points
Let the acceleration of the system be a. Considering the 2kg and 10kg masses and writing the equation of motion for them, we have:
For 10kg mass:
                         T_{1} - T_{2} = 10a    (1)
For 2kg mass:
                        T_{2} = 2a              (2)
Substituting eqn(2) in eqn(1), we get
                        T_{1} = 12a
Hence, T1 : T2 = 6:1 is the correct answer.
4 years ago
46 Points
Whenever you are not given some quantity that you feel is required then assume it as a variable.
Just think the setter has not given that information so it must not be required. So wither the assumed variable will be cancelled or it lead to the required result. It often happens.
3 years ago
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