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Grade: 10
Reason for taking errors as always positive and always adding them ?
one month ago

Answers : (3)

askIITians Faculty
56 Points
							Dear student,
Error is the difference between the measured value to the calculated value.
Errors are additive and multiplicative in theory.But in reality errors are always additive.Even the orders of the numbers are converted to products by taking logarithm.The main reason the errors are added is , because we take logarithm first and then differentiate the equation to find the error.

28 days ago
D Vishwaksen Reddy
31 Points
Dear friend, error in a value is nothing but the deviation or change in original value (real value) due to errors in experimental techniques, random errors etc.
And that deviation can be positive or negative.
Which means we can get a value larger than the true value or smaller than true value.
So if we need to find net deviation or absolute error, we must take modulus of all the deviations before adding or else we may end up having a small number, a negative value or even zero, because sum of positive and negative can be positive, negative or zero.
Hence, to find total deviation and a positive value we make all errors positive.
Hope my answer helps
27 days ago
1700 Points
Because you should add your mistakes to your results otherwise your results may not get perfect. Be perfect for getting results. 
27 days ago
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