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Grade: 12th pass
In case of sun and earth, how are the gravitational and centrepetal force working?
are both of them same?if not how are they different?
5 years ago

Answers : (1)

askIITians Faculty
33 Points
The Sun, Earth, moon and all other objects in the solar system attract each other with a force called gravity. This gravitational force only attracts and never repels and can act over an infinite distance.
Centripetal force is the force, which keeps the objects in a circular or any curved path. The centripetal force always acts "radially inwards" ("directed towards the centre")
• Gravitational force only occurs between two masses.
• A centripetal force is required in any nonlinear motion.
• The gravitational force acts as the centripetal force for the planetary movements.
• Gravitational force creates both linear and nonlinear movements, but the centripetal force only creates nonlinear movements.
Thanks & Regards,
Dinesh Sajnani
AskIITians Faculty
5 years ago
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