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Grade: 11
        If the distance between centres of earth and moon is D and mass of earth is 81 times that of moon. At what distance from the centre of earth, the gravitational field will be zero? Pls provide proper solution.
3 years ago

Answers : (5)

Vikas TU
9795 Points
The net gravitaional force due to both would be zero then after.
gravity Earth + gravity moon  = 0
Gm/(x^2)+ GM/(D-x)^2 = 0
Aand given M = 81m
We get,
Gm/(x^2) + 81Gm/(D-x)^2
1/x = 9/(D-x)
9x = D-x
10x = D
x = D/10
10x = D
x = D/10
3 years ago
11 Points
							The net gravitation force on both will be zero.So, F1=F2      Gm/(D-x)^2 = G81m/x^2Now we get,      x/D-x = 9       x= 9D-9x       10x =9D          x= 9D/10
2 years ago
13 Points
Mass of Earth is 81times of moon 
So here is the equation
GM(Mass of Earth )/x =Gm(Mass of moon )/(D-x) me G×81m /x = GM /(D-x)
After solving the equation 
You will get,
9D/10 (answer)
one year ago
Nancy bachwani
13 Points
The gravitation will be zero if F1+F2=0 or F1=F2
Given that the mass of earth is 81 times the mass of moon 
Therefore we have :
By solving we get 9D/10 as ans
Thank you
one year ago
13 Points
Force will be zero at the x distance from the earth and (D-x) distance from the moon .So by given information we can write the following equation :
Solving this expression we get ,
7 months ago
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