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Grade: 11
hi my name is jenil i am in std 11 i have one dout numerical no one is solving it. a man going with velocity 5 m/ other force acting so the work done is?
2 months ago

Answers : (2)

Kaushal Negi
31 Points
Okay Jenil read carefully
Since the acceleration of the man is zero because he is moving with a constant velocity, i.e. 5m/s.
Work done = F.s
As acceleration is zero so the force will also be zero.
Hence work done by the man will be zero
2 months ago
Vikas TU
10078 Points
Dear student 
You have mentioned in the question  that the velocity is constant , if it wil vary with some another variabe , Then it would be in terms of some variables,
acceleration = dv /dt 
So a = 0 
So work done wil be zero.
Good Luck 
2 months ago
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