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Grade: 11
Four particles A,B,C and D of equal mass move with equal speed v along the diagonals of a square in a horizontal plane. After the collision, A comes to rest while B and C retrace their paths with same speeds. Then the particle D will
(a)continue to move along the same line with speed v
(b)retrace its path with speed 2v
(c)come to rest
(d)move with speed v*root2 along a line parallel to CD 
3 years ago

Answers : (1)

Vikas TU
11769 Points
Appply momentum conservation in x and y direction for 4 masses simulatneously.
Therefore, in x direciton
Pi = Pf
2mvi – 2mvi = 0 + -mvi – mvi + mvd
mvd = 2mvi
vd = 2vi
where i is the i cap direcn.
not conserve the same for y dirction. 
3 years ago
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