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Grade: 10
Find the mass M of the hanging block which will prevent the smaller block from slipping over the triangular block. All the surfaces are frictionless and the string and pulley are light.
one year ago

Answers : (1)

Satyam Agarwal
36 Points
Smaller block will slip due to the weight of the body parallel to the plane ,i.e.mgsin (theta).
 To prevent slipping we require an pseudo force ..
Pseudo force will arise due to the motion of the inclined plane . Let the acceleration of the inclined plane be a.
 Pseudo force( ma) will act horizontally leftward on small block. Component of this force will balance the component of weight.
macos(theta) = mgsin (theta) 
 a = g tan theta
Now we know the acceleration of the inclined plane. This acceleration is provided by the tension force.
Thus tension force = mass of inclined plane * acceleration = M' gtan theta
Now , this tension force will be balanced by the hanging block.
Thus T = Mg
M'gtan theta = Mg
M = M'tan theta.
Let me know  if the answer is incorrect.
Hope u get the concept now.
one year ago
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