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Priyanka lalwani Grade: 11
        Find the distance between centre of gravity and center of mass of a two particle system attached to the ends of a light rod. Each particle has same mass. Length of the rod is R, where R is the radius of the earth.
one year ago

Answers : (1)

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centre of mass is a point where the whole mass of an object is supposed to be concentrated so centre of mass of this rod will be at the centre of rod (C.O.M.= R/2) distance from centre of earth.
where as centre of gravity is a point where the whole weight of the body is supposed to be concentrated so the weight of the rod at an end lying on centre of earth will be ZERO as value of ‘g’ is ZERO at centre of earth. So all the weight is at a distance R from centre of earth. which is also a point of centre of gravity. (C.O.G =R) as we can balance the rod at this end by applying force
therefore Difference between COM and COG = (R)-(R/2)= R/2
4 months ago
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