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Grade: 12th pass
DNA finger printing is based on
one year ago

Answers : (2)

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Dna finger printing is based on chromosome mapping  because in chromosome mapping  restricted enzymes are used to cut dna fregments  and in dna finger printing  same  use of restricted enzymes takes place
one year ago
aswanth nayak
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Dear Student,
DNA fingerprinting is a chemical test that shows the genetic makeup of a person or other living things
Application of DNA fingerprinting are as follows :-
·   Paternity and Maternity Tests- DNA fingerprinting can be used to determine the father or a mother of a child because a person inherits his or her VNTRs from his or her parents. The banding patterns of a child are very specific that a parental VNTR pattern can be recreated even if only the child’s VNTRs are known. DNA fingerprinting can be used to determine who the father is in identification cases, confirming legal nationality, adoption and biological parenthood. 
·   Crime Identification and Forensics- DNA that is taken from blood, skin, hair cells or any other DNA evidence left at the scene of the crime can be compared through the banding patterns of DNA. With the DNA of the culprit and the DNA fingerprints (banding patterns) of a criminal suspect,  the authorities are able to determine whether the suspect is guilty or innocence. It can also be used to determine the identity of a homicide victim from DNA found or from the body 
  ·   Personal Identity- There has been talk throughout the world as using DNA fingerprints as a person’s individual/genetic bar code to identify people in the world, however it may not be put into place in the foreseeable future. For example, the iPhone 5S is an example where DNA fingerprints are used to unlock the phone. 
·   Organ Donation- it allows scientists and doctors to figure out the best possible match for an organ transplant operation, so the foreign organ is not rejected by the host body.

11 months ago
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