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Soumyadeep Grade: 11
Ball a is thrown up vertically with speed 10m/ the same instant another ball b is released from rest at height h . At time t the speed of a relative to b is
2 years ago

Answers : (4)

Hasan Naqvi
97 Points
At time t,
speed of a= 10 – gt
speed of b = 0 – gt
Speed of a relative to b = 10 – gt + gt = 10m/s
2 years ago
khushi jangir
14 Points
										speed of a,v1=10-gtspeed of b,v2=0-gt                        =-gtspeed of a relative to b=v1+(-v2)                                    Vab=10-gt+(-(-gt))                                    Vab=10-gt+gt                                    Vab=10m/s
7 months ago
Argha Das
23 Points
										But why the manitude of v2 is 0-gt? In this case ball b is in downward direction.  So g is +ve.  Please tell me as early as possible.  I can not understand this in second case of your answer.
6 months ago
Rudrajit Mandal
24 Points
										because here the direction is seen wrt ball a i.e. upward direction is positive. so even though ball b is accelerating it will be taken as -g
6 months ago
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