A rocket is fired vertically and ascends with a constant vertical acceleration of 20 m/s 2 for 1.0 min. Its fuel is then all used and it continues as a free-fall particle. (a) What is the maxi- mum altitude reached? (b) What is the total time elapsed from take off until the rocket strikes the Earth? (Ignore the variation of g with altitude).

A rocket  is fired  vertically  and  ascends  with  a constant vertical acceleration   of 20 m/s2   for 1.0 min. Its fuel is then all used and  it continues   as  a free-fall   particle.   (a)  What  is the  maxi- mum  altitude  reached?  (b) What  is the total time elapsed  from take off  until  the rocket  strikes  the Earth?  (Ignore  the variation of g with  altitude).


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Sourav A
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8 years ago
total time t=60s
net accelaration a=20-10=10m/s2 upwards
  1.  displacement or maximum altitude=a*t2/2=20*602/2=36000m
  2. total time elapsed=(2*height/g)1/2=72001/2s
Jitender Pal
askIITians Faculty 365 Points
8 years ago
Therefore the maximum height attained by the rocket is 110,000m.

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