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Grade: 11


A projectile of mass m is fired with velocity v at an angle theta with the horizontal what is the change in momentum as the projectile rises to the maximum height

11 months ago

Answers : (3)

14 Points
as vertical component of velocity becomes zero at highest point but horizontal component does not change 
Initial momentum = m×v
Final momentum = m×vcos\Theta
Change in momentum = final - initial momentum = mv(cos\Theta -1)
11 months ago
Vikas TU
12133 Points
At starting point 
ux = ucosQ
uy = usinQ
At heighest point 
Vx = ucosQ 
Vy =0 
Change in velocity along x axis = o 
Change in velocity along  y axis = - usonQ
Net change in velocity = -usinQ 
Change in momentum = -musinQ
11 months ago
sumit prakash
26 Points
at the highest point projectile have only horizontal velocity that is vcos\Theta. so change in momentum in x direction, is mvcos\Theta-mvcos\Theta=0.change in momentum in y direction is 0-mvsin\Theta=-mvsin\Theta. finally change in momentum is    -mvsin\Theta
10 months ago
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