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Grade: 11
a projectile is fired vertically upwards with an intial velocity u.after an time interval of T seconds projectile is fired vertically upwards,also with intial velocity what time they meet?
4 years ago

Answers : (1)

Nicho priyatham
625 Points
do u mean an other projectile is also fired if so then the ans is 
  • first wright  finial position  equation for partical 1 as function of t
            s1=ut+ -(1/2)gt2
  • do the same for second partical 
              s2=u(t-T)-(1/2)g(t-T)2 where t>(or equal)T
now wn they meet s1=s2
so  solving both the equations we get
 ut -(1/2)gt2  u(t-T)-(1/2)g(t-T)2 
no further solving we get 
sorry the queation is not clear u didnt mention wn to count time from 
whether 4m time of projection of 1st partical or that of 2nd patical 
if we count time from t=0 we get ans as (T/2)+(u/g)
PLZ approve if correct and in case of any doubts put in ans dox
4 years ago
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