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Grade: 12th Pass
A particle starting from rest moves in a straight line with acceleration as shown in the a-t graph.Find the distance(in m) traveled by the particle in the first four seconds from start of its motion.
5 years ago

Answers : (3)

Shubham Singh
199 Points
first make v-t graph then calculate area under that graph
5 years ago
Dal Chand sharma
13 Points
When t=0,then a=1
When a=1,then t=0 
When time=4,thena=4
Given u=0
one year ago
Sanjay Singh
13 Points
Here we have to put this graph in the equation of straight line as Y,=MX+c.with negative we will get a(t) we integrate it to find velocity which will be v=t-t2/2(here t2 means t square).now again we will integrate it to get distance covered which will be s=t2/2-t3/ we will put t=1 ...2...3....and 4 to get distance covered and then we will add all of them to get total distance covered..answer would be 4.01m.
11 months ago
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