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Grade: 12th pass
        A ladder rests against a frictionless vertical wall with its upper end 6m above the ground and lower end 4m away from the wall. The weight of the ladder is 500 N and its c.g at 1/3rd distance from the lower end. Wall`s reaction will be[in N] ?The answer is 111N Please explain how?
2 years ago

Answers : (1)

Rushikesh Dixit
39 Points
lets consider
N1=normal force from the wall to the ladder
N2=normal force from the ground to the ladder
let friction force due to the ground f pass through the contact point at the ground
A=angle made by ladder with wall
balancing forces-
N2*6=500*4/3     (here 4/3 m is the normal distance of the ground contact point to the line of weight action force)
N2=111.11 N
2 years ago
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