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 A carrom board( 5ft*5ft) has the queen at the centre,the queen hit by the striker moves to front edge ,rebounds and goes in hole behind the striking line.Find the magnitude of displacement of queen a)from centre to front edge b)fron centre to hole.
please send the paper solution
5 months ago

Answers : (2)

Saurabh Koranglekar
askIITians Faculty
3161 Points
							Dear student

From centre to the front edge may require more information

From center to hole is (sqrt(2.5^2)+(2.5^2))

Ie 5/(sqrt(2))

5 months ago
3008 Points
The starting point of the queen was at the centre of the board. Since the board is a square, this means that the queen was at the centre of the diagonal of the square. 
Since the queen ended up in one of the pockets, its final position is at a vertice of the square. 
The displacement will be the distance between the initial and final position. 
The distance of any two opposite vertices (diagonal length) of a square is always a root 2, where a is the length of side. But here, since the queen is at the centre of diagonal, the distance will be half the diagonal. 
So the displacement will be 5\sqrt{2}/2 
5 months ago
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