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Amit Saxena Grade: upto college level
        A boy standing on a long railroad car throws a ball straight upwards. The car is moving on the horizontal road with an acceleration of 1 m/s2 and the projection velocity in the vertical direction is 9.8 m/s. How far behind the boy will the ball fall on the car?
3 years ago

Answers : (1)

Navjyot Kalra
askIITians Faculty
654 Points
										Sol. Let the velocity of car be u when the ball is thrown. Initial velocity of car is = Horizontal velocity of ball. 
Distance travelled by ball B Sb = ut (in horizontal direction)
And by car Sc = ut + 1/2 at2 where t → time of flight of ball in air.
∴ Car has travelled extra distance Sc – Sb = 1/2 at2.
Ball can be considered as a projectile having θ = 90°.
∴ t = (2u sinθ)/g = (2 x 9.8)/9.8 = 2 sec.
∴ Sc – Sb = 1/2 at2 = 2 m
∴ The ball will drop 2m behind the boy.

3 years ago
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