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Simran Bhatia Grade: 11
         A bomb is dropped from a plane flying horizontally with uniform speed. Show that the bomb will explode vertically below the plane. Is the statement true if the plane flies with uniform speed but not horizontally?
3 years ago

Answers : (1)

Aditi Chauhan
askIITians Faculty
396 Points
										Sol. During the motion of bomb its horizontal velocity u remains constant and is same as that of aeroplane at every point of its path. Suppose the bomb explode i.e. reach the ground in time t. Distance travelled in horizontal direction by bomb = ut = the distance travelled by aeroplane. So bomb explode vertically below the aeroplane.
Suppose the aeroplane move making angle θ with horizontal. For both bomb and aeroplane, horizontal distance is u cos θ t. t is time for bomb to reach the ground. 
So in this case also, the bomb will explode vertically below aeroplane.

3 years ago
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