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Grade: 12
39 question in the  attachment.........................................................
3 months ago

Answers : (2)

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The positive charge Q is uniformly distributed along the circular ring then electric field at the centre of ring will be zero, hence no force is experienced by the charge if it is placed at the centre of the ring.
Now the charge is displaced away from the centre in the plane of the ring. There will be net electric field opposite to displacement will push back the charge towards the centre of the ring if the charge is positive. If charge is negative, it will experience net force in the direction of displacement and the charge will continue moving till it hits the ring. Also this negative charge is in an unstable equilibrium
3 months ago
Vikas TU
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Dear student 
F = KQq/R^2 
a = d^2x /dt^2 = - KQqx/m(R^2+x^2)^1.5
for x very greater than R 
d^2x /dt^2 = - KQqx/mR^2 
d^2x /dt^2 = -w^2 x 
w = sqrt(KQq/mR^2)
T = 2pie/w 
T = 2pie/sqrt(KQq/mR^2)
3 months ago
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