askIITians expert badiuddin.ismu SIR please answer my siphon question

askIITians expert badiuddin.ismu    SIR please answer my siphon question


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Badiuddin askIITians.ismu Expert
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12 years ago

Dear Amrit pal

In this case if you will apply continuity equation and bernaulli equation then it will give that pressure and velocity is same in the upper part of siphon.But this is for the ideal case ( if there is no losses such as frictional losses,bend losse,exit losses,entry losses etc.) as well as liquid is asuumed as incompressible.

but in real cases these losses are present (these thing you will study at your graduation level in more detail). So there is slight difference in pressure and velocity.


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sohan singh singh
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12 years ago
At the ends of vertical tubes of siphon there is atmospheric pressure. AND there is different height of water column above it so there is pressure difference at two ends of upper horizontal pipe. HERE we cant consider NON IDEAL NATURE OF FLUID then HOW SIR we can explain pressure difference at the two ends of upper horizontal pipe on the bases of EQUATION OF CONTINUITY and BERNOULLI EQUATION

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