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harsh mehta Grade: 12

How can we define the motion of a rigid body?

8 years ago

Answers : (2)

askIITIians Expert
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Defining the motion of a rigid body


            If you observe the motion of a wheel on a horizontal surface, the motion is a combination of translator and rotational motions. Hence motion of rigid body can be regarded as a combination of translator and rotational motions. We begin with the motion of a rigid body by considering these simple motions, separately.




(a)        Translatory motion. A body is said to be in a state of translator motion if the line connecting any two particles of the body retains its direction in space. The translatory motion is not necessarily rectilinear.




(b)       Rotational Motion. Motion of a rigid body is said to be rotational if the trajectories of all the points of the body are circles whose centres lie in a common straight line called the axis of rotation.




(c)        Compound Motion. When both translator and rotational motions are taking place simultaneously during the motion of a body, the motion is referred to as compound motion e.g. motion of wheel of a vehicle in which vehicle is in rectilinear motion. It consists of the rotation of the wheel about its axis and of the motion of the wheel and its axis together with the vehicle.

8 years ago
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										a motion of a body at a fixed point about circular path is called motion of a rigid body
3 years ago
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