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shivanshi asthana Grade: 11

its indeed did u get it?plz post it.....plz...plz...

8 years ago

Answers : (2)

Shreyans Sharma
33 Points

gosh dats cool i got it right yeah.........

I would surely tell you....

C assume the initial speed to be 'u'

we got a distace of 8 m to travel before the net which is 2.24 m high. since the original height at which the ball was hit was 3 m, so the difference in height is 3-2.24=.76m. Using horizontal projectile formula i.e. range = u(2h/g)1/2

we get 8=u[(2 x .76)/9.8]1/2

: u=8[9.8/(2 x .76)]1/2

: u=20.32m/s.

Dats all.

Hey I am from Shimla atleast got smeone to interact wid who talks about studies. Could u give me ur e-mail ID ill keep sendin you sme questions.

IT would be kind of you to send me your E-mail ID soon enough. Nd where r u from which skul n which class......

8 years ago
Shreyans Sharma
33 Points

I have been longing to interact with smeone on this site thanks for considering my answer. Could you please give me ur email ID

8 years ago
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