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can you explain briefly how to find moment of inertia of different bodies?

can you explain briefly how to find moment of inertia of different bodies?


2 Answers

Ramesh V
70 Points
12 years ago

please follow through these links to get MI of diff. bodies

hope this helps ..!!




(\/)ur@l! Kr!$hn@ k
33 Points
11 years ago

Finding the moment of inertia of a body is quite easy if u understand the concept of integration and its geometric well and could could put it in use.

In finding the moment of inertia of a body the only thing u need to find out is the axis with which u would be comfortable to solve the equations. Then u must be ready to chose the correct element in the body in the right reference without any confusion. All u need to do next is to have a clarity of wat u r doing and is the purpose of doing it. After taking the appropriate element in the system just try to write its mass in terms of density and volume. Then apply the formula ∫dm(r^2) and integrate the polynomial. After integrating just replace the value of density if given or total mass upon total volume.


It would be a peculiar case when u come across variable density. In this case the density depends on length however soo theres no need to panic as it will also involve its part in integration .


So all u need to be careful is in choosing the right element.


After u get the moment of inertia about the axis u have chosen u can just use "parallel or perpendicular axis theorem" or both to get ur desired result.


Enjoy playing with physics.

All the best,


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