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Why there is no horizontal acceleration during projectile motion?

Why there is no horizontal acceleration during projectile motion?


9 Answers

28 Points
8 years ago

Since there is no acceleration in the horizontal direction, the velocity in the horizontal direction is constant, being equal to v0 cos θ. The vertical motion of the projectile is the motion of a particle during its free fall. Here the acceleration is constant, being equal to g.

Ambuj Bansal
37 Points
8 years ago

because there is no horizontal force by nature

kiran kumar
34 Points
8 years ago

The vertical motion of the projectile is subjected to uniform accleration in the downward direction and this acceleration is equal to ''g'' (acceleration due to gravity).Air resistance and other forces are negligible.There is no horizontal acceleration on the projectile i.e.,horizontal motion is with uniform velocity.

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27 Points
8 years ago

motion of the body along vertical axis in down ward direction. so the body has only vertical acceleration but not horizontal.

India VK
42 Points
8 years ago

Because the only force acting on the projectile is the force of gravity, which is vertical.

shubham sharma
27 Points
8 years ago
moidin afsan
20 Points
7 years ago
f =ma only a force can provide an acceleration during a projectile motion the acceleration due to gravity is down ie along vertical no accleration acts along horizontal ,therefore no horizontal acceleration
Kenny Toijam
56 Points
7 years ago
The gravitational force (F)acting on the particle during its flight has only vertical component i.e. F(cos90)=F and no horizontal component since F(sin90)=0. As the projectile experiences no external horizontal force, there is no acceleration along the horizontal component ie. F(horizontal)=0 thus , horizontal acceleration =0.
37 Points
7 years ago
simply since there is only one force ie gravity acting on the particle which is downward in direction by newtons laws there can be accelerations only in downward direction and not in horizontal direction

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