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what is the clear difference between gravitational potential and gravitational potential energy

what is the clear difference between gravitational potential and gravitational potential energy


5 Answers

Raghuvaran varan Chandragiri
37 Points
8 years ago

The gravitational potential (V) is the potential energy (U) per unit mass:


where m is the mass of the object. Potential energy is equal (in magnitude, but negative) to the work done by the gravitational field moving a body to its given position in space from infinity. If the body has a mass of 1 unit, then the potential energy to be assigned to that body is equal to the gravitational potential. So the potential can be interpreted as the negative of the work done by the gravitational field moving a unit mass in from infinity.

In some situations, the equations can be simplified by assuming a field that is nearly independent of position. For instance, in daily life, in the region close to the surface of the Earth, the gravitational acceleration can be considered constant. In that case, the difference in potential energy from one height to another is to a good approximation linearly related to the difference in height:

Delta U=m /deltah

Algote Devendhar
32 Points
8 years ago

Gravitational potential:----

In classical mechanics, the gravitational potential at a location is equal to the work (energy transferred) per unit mass that is done by the force of gravity to move an object to a fixed reference location


In mathematics the gravitational potential is also known as the Newtonian potential and is fundamental in the study of potential theory.


Gravitational potential Energy:----

The two examples above illustrate the two forms of potential energy to be discussed in this course - gravitational potential energy and elastic potential energy. Gravitational potential energy is the energy stored in an object as the result of its vertical position or height. The energy is stored as the result of the gravitational attraction of the Earth for the object. The gravitational potential energy of the massive ball of a demolition machine is dependent on two variables - the mass of the ball and the height to which it is raised. There is a direct relation between gravitational potential energy and the mass of an object. More massive objects have greater gravitational potential energy. There is also a direct relation between gravitational potential energy and the height of an object. The higher that an object is elevated, the greater the gravitational potential energy. These relationships are expressed by the following equation:

PEgrav = mass • g • height

PEgrav = m *• g • h

seethayya Barri
34 Points
8 years ago

Gravitational Potential Occasionally, another concept is defined with respect to gravitational potential energy. We define it here primarily to avoid possible confusion with the gravitational potential energy. Gravitational potential, Φ g , is defined as the potential energy that a unit mass (usually 1 kilogram) would have at any point. Mathematically: Φ g = - where M is the mass of the gravitating object. This is sometimes useful because it assigns each point in space a definite gravitational potential value, irrespective of mass.

Gravitational Potential Energy near the Earth 

We can see what happens to our expression for gravitational potential energy near the earth. In this case 

M = M
e . Consider a mass m at a distance r from the center of the earth. Its gravitational potential energy is: 

U(r) = -

Khandavalli Satya Srikanth
38 Points
8 years ago

Potential energy is the energy required to bring charged particle at infinite distance to finite distance.

Potential is the potential energy per unit charge.

Prajwal kr
49 Points
8 years ago

A body A of mass m is placed in the gravitational field of a body B of mass M. The gravitational potential of body B at a point in the field is the work done is bringing unit mass from infinity to that point and is independent of body A. On the other hand, the gravitational potential energy of body A is the energy possessed by it due to its position in the field.

In fact,

Gravitational potential energy = mass of body(A) x gravitational potential

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