What is the acceleration exactly ?

What is the acceleration exactly ?

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Tanmay Warwadkar
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9 years ago

Acceleration in rate of change of velocity..... a=dv÷dt

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Karteek Valluri
32 Points
9 years ago

Acceleration is nothing but it''s a change of speed of an object with respect to time.While you are moving in a bike you may observe that.For example if you are moving with constant speed say 60kmph means change in velocity zero so acceleration is zero.

The main thing you keep in mind that is accelaration positive or negtive.....Because If a person slowing down from 60kmph to 50kmph,here change in velocity is 10 so acceleration is 10 but it is negative(decreasing)..Same way he person again come to 60kmph from50kmph..obviosly his acceleration is 10.but it is in increasing so we say positive or Increasing acceleration....

lokesh soni
37 Points
9 years ago

accelaration is the rate of change of shows how velocity is chaging with respect to time

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