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can i get some ideas about solving problems relating a projectile on an inclined plane???

can i get some ideas about solving problems relating a projectile on an inclined plane???


3 Answers

Zacky D
15 Points
8 years ago

Hmm..Bro,You see,If your basics about 2d motion are strong,you dont have to worry about problems as far as IIT exam is considered..ITs only for state level entrance exams,and to a level,even aieee,where one would require more of speed.But then again if your concepts are clear,back substitions and option cancelling etc would come naturally to you..

Ok,Back to the question,I would adice you to derive all important formulae youself neatly just once and then think about manipulating them to suit your needs..Now,usually inclined plane questions in basic level ,most of the time is to just calculate range from the incline,or point of contact on the incline...For this just subtract the side lenght of the triangle from the obtained range...please reply if you have any specific doubts,since your question was kinda general,and im not sure what youre actually after? :)



Utkarsh Yadav
4 Points
8 years ago

Thne main problem is regarding taking the angle of projection...

there are some doubts with me regarding solving the problems of rotational mechanics in taking the direction of frictional force in rolling motion and how to consider the torque of pseudo force  in and accelerated frame...

Divyansh Singhvi
20 Points
8 years ago

for this you have to think of vectors in both the x and y axis ....for x axis use cosQ and for y axis use SinQ (mostly)

Q=angle between projectile and horizontal

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