When an object is at rest does any frictional force act on it?

When an object is at rest does any frictional force act on it?


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rupali sehgal
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10 years ago

No, if the object is at rest, generally no friction acts on it.

Let me explain it with an example:

In order to keep it at rest net force must be 0.

in x- direction, if no ext. force is there, the net force is anyways zero. if we assume that friction is anyhow present the accordingly net force cannot be zero in the presence of friction. thus object must move, which is not the case!

clearly, an object at rest doesn not face any friction.

siva prasad
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10 years ago

No.. there is no frictional force act on it when an object is at rest.....

if u apply a force on the body,the object is move along the applied force direction..then only the frictional force is there between the two surfaces..

if u have any doubts on this plz refer engg mechanics book.. by ss.bavakatti  on google books

simmie jaglan
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10 years ago

NO,when a body is at rest no force of friction acts . for clarity force of friction opposes the relative motion between two bodies and since at rest there is no relative motion no force of friction acts on any body.  hope this will help you . if you like the answer approve vit.

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