Why torque is given by r cross f nt as f cross r?

Why torque is given by r cross f nt as f cross r?


3 Answers

Chetan Mandayam Nayakar
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10 years ago

It is merely an outcome of the right-handed coordinate system. In left-handed coordinate system, torque=f cross r

Akanksha jain
10 Points
10 years ago

bcoz torque is a vector quantity nd if we will keep f*r then value of sin will be changed.......

nd here  is tkn as a base as it is cnstnt throughout........nt it is the frce whch is responsible fr rotation.


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6 years ago
so is that by convention that they took it so? or something else?we could have also taken it as F X
R from the beginning and measure the angle from F to R.. assuming it to be anticlockwise.

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