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Grade: 12th Pass


Two persons are holding a rope of negligible weight tightly at its ends so that its horizntl.A 15kg weight is attached to the rope at the midpoint which now no longer remains horizontl.The minimum required tension to completely staighten the rope is (a)15kg (b)7.5kg (c)5kg (4)infinite

8 years ago

Answers : (3)

12 Points
							let T be the tension in string.
for equilibrium 2Tcoso = mg
string will be straight if 0 = 90 degrees. and cos0 = 0
T= mg/2 coso . t=infinity
6 years ago
ojasvi saxena
21 Points
a 140 g ball in horizontal flight with a speed of 39.0 m+s is struck by a bat after leaving thebat the ball travels in the opposite direction with speed v2=39.0 m+s if the impact time dalta t forthe ball bat collision is 1.20 ms what average force acts on the ball
4 years ago
26 Points
its a good question. Well the solution can be presented In the following manner. I mean not the solution, but the hint, which may be prove useful to you. Okay then, from here 2Tsinx=mg, (for body to remain in equilibrium?....... Now when the rope is pulled horizontal then the angle(x)=0.... Therefore....T=mg/2sinx and x=0 here T=mg/2sin0... And the value of sin0=0 so T=infinitely large equilibrium)
3 years ago
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