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swaroop vr Grade:

during car trip across state of andhra pradesh you travel 275 miles in 6hrs  A.what is average speed? b.if most of this trip was driven in highway at what speed limit and how can you answer for question A is so much lower than speed limit on highway is 65  mph                                                                 

5 years ago

Answers : (2)

anil kumar
38 Points

For a its easy coz average speed is total distance/total time Hence avg speed is 275/6 Which is 45.83 Bt i cant get what u r trying to convey in b !!!!

5 years ago
shiddhant bhattacharya
25 Points

during ur car trip the average speed is 45km/hr.... but do v always go at 65km/hr on the highway?????? no.... hence the average speed is much lower tan the speed limit they show for tat particular area........


5 years ago
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