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A body freely falling from a tower covers a distance of S=h/2 in the last second of it's motion.the height of tower is?

8 years ago

Answers : (3)

akash luckey aggara
33 Points

is the ans 10

8 years ago
shivang belwariar
35 Points

we have the formula - S = U + a/2(2N-1) [ WHERE U = INITIAL SPEED , & N = value of TIME IN Tth SECOND . ]

so using the formula ------


h/2 = u + a/2(2t-1)


h/10 = 2t-1 { u=0 & a=10}


t = h+10/20


so, total time = h+10/20

now by formula = h=ut + 1/2at^2, (u=0 a=10)




on solving - h = 58.28 metres.


plz like my answer

8 years ago
sharjil deshmukh
4 Points

can we use \

S = u + g( total time - 1 -1/2}|

to get total time n thn subtitiute it in same eqation we wil get total distance|

is this ans right ???????????? 2 prsn who commented above

8 years ago
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