What is drag force?

What is drag force?


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Ramesh V
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12 years ago

Drag Force in a Medium

  • The force exerted on a body moving in a medium like air or water depends in a complex way upon the velocity of the body relative to the medium, the viscosity and density of the medium, the shape of the body, and the roughness of its surface.
  • The most common method of mathematically modeling the drag force is the equation,

FD = Drag Force. SI: N
CD = Drag Coefficient. SI: Dimensionless 
A = Coss-sectional Area perpendicular to the flow. SI: m2
r = Density of the medium. SI: kg/m3
v = Velocity of the body relative to the medium. SI: m/s

The direction of the drag force is always opposite the direction of the body's velocity.





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