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Amit Koikkarah Grade: 11
        Draw a position time graph and velocity time graph of a tennis ball thrown vertically upwards from the time it leaves your hand until you catch it again?
8 years ago

Answers : (1)

Ramesh V
70 Points

1. Displacement-time graphs.
Any point on such a graph has coordinates (t,s), in which s is the displacement after a time t.
Figure 1 shows the displacement-time graph for a tennis ball which is thrown vertically up in the air from a player’s hand and then falls to the ground.


The graph illustrates the motion of the ball.Taking the origin to be the starting point, the ball moves upwards (in the positive direction) to a maximum height above the origin. It stops momentarily and then drops to the hand.Consequently, the velocity of the ball changes from positive (on the way up) to 0 at the top and then to negative (on the way down)

The gradient of a displacement-time graph is velocity

2. Velocity-time graphs.
Any point on such a graph will have coordinates (t,v), in which v is the velocity after a time t.

Figure 2 shows the velocity-time graph for the motion of the tennis ball





8 years ago
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