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Grade: 12


WHAT Is workdone in displacing a block on a smooth surface under the action of a constant force and hence under a cons acceln

11 years ago

Answers : (2)

bibhash jha
15 Points


Let us take a ball that can slide along a frictionless wire, stretched along the horizontal X-axis. A constant force directed at an angle.

f to the wire, accelerates the bead along the wire. According to Newton's second law

Fx = max ______(1)

As the ball moves through a displacement 'd', the force changes the ball's velocity from an initial value to another value. As is constant,  acceleration 'a' is also constant.

According to equation of motion

v2 = v02 + 2 axd ______(2)

Substituting (1) in (2), we get

Hence, the work done by the force on the ball is equal to the energy transfer. Work done due to the force is W = Fx d.

Therefore, to calculate work, we have to use only the force component along the object's displacement.

W = Fx d.


This is the work done by a constant force (i.e., the magnitude and the direction of the force do not change.).

Work is the energy transferred to or from an object by means of a force acting on the object. Energy transferred to the object is positive work and energy transferred from the object is negative work.


11 years ago
Askiitian.Expert Rajat
24 Points

Since the surface is smooth and it is assumed to be horizontal, there fore there wont be any work done.


For more details , please post your question in a little more details




11 years ago
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