If the orbital velocity of moon is 1020m/s,find the time taken by the moon to complete one revolution around the eath.explain why this period is different from the period that is obseved from the earth which is 29.5day.

If  the  orbital  velocity  of  moon  is  1020m/s,find the  time  taken  by  the  moon  to  complete  one  revolution  around  the eath.explain  why  this  period  is  different  from  the  period  that  is  obseved  from  the  earth  which  is  29.5day.    



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Devesh Lall
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10 years ago


Let the time taken by the moon to complete 1 revolution around the earth be T

'     '   orbital velocity of the moon be vo = 1020m/s = √[(r + h)/GM]

'     '   radius of the earth be r = 6.4 X 106 m

'     '   distance of moon from the earth be h = 3.4 X 108 m 

Since we know that the time period is given by :- T=2∏√[(r + h)3/GM] [Here G ---> Gravitational Constant and M --> Mass of earth]

Therefore now

 T = 2∏√[(6.4 X 106 + 3.4 X 108)/6.67 X 10-11 X 6 X 1034] sec

On simplifying this you will get your answer.

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